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Telecom Services Prec Pearl has a deep knowledge and understanding of service provision. Our highly trained engineers and project mangers have exceptional finesse in this area of expertise. Our areas of specialization includes.. Site Build Equipment Procurement and Installation Optical Fiber Implementation and Maintenance.

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Engineering Design Services

PREC PEARL has he capability of engineering design in the following areas; Topside Plant Design, Pipeline Design, Facility Survey and Modifications.

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Personnel supply

PREC PEARL is committed to the supply of Experienced and Qualified Engineers to our client’s project in the following disciplines; (Piping Engineers,Process Engineers,Pipeline Engineers, Structural Engineers, Instrumentation and Electrical Engineers, Project Engineers and Project Control Enginners, Procurement Engineers, Maintenance Engineers…

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Infrastructural Services

All Civil Works including; (Demolitions, Soil Test, Erections……) Plumbing Works (Including Pump Sizing And Installation)…. Borehole Drilling and Water Treatment….. Office Movement.

Please kindly note that we offer the best of services and installation in the following services listed above. To communicate with us directly please send a mail using the buton below

About us

Prec Pearl Limited

Privately owned, formed and operates in Nigeria Since 2003 as an Enterprise and presently with 10 million shared capital(Private Limited)........ Offices in yaba Lagos, and Accra with over 110 key Engineering and Management personnel...... Company's resources and experience are the foundation for a complete, Engineering Design, Project Management, Maintenance Services, Personnel Supply and Procurements Services

  • Integrity is a social behaviour between us and our client

  • Excellence is not an act but what we constantly do

  • You can find passion in our need to satisfy our clients

  • Alot of Innovations are evolved from services

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