September 22, 2017

About Us


To become one of the Leading and Most Sought Nigerian Optic Fiber, Telecoms, Oil & Gas, Civil and Construction Companies in Nigeria and West Africa. We recognize the route to Realizing this Vision is with a team of competent staff,  totally committed to serving the industry with professionalism, high quality and efficient service while always striving for excellence.




  • Privately owned, formed and operates in Nigeria Since 2003 as an Enterprise and presently with 10,000,000 shared capital(Private Limited)
  • Offices in Yaba Lagos, and Accra with over 110 key Engineering and Management personnel.
  • Company’s resources and experience are the foundation for a complete, Engineering Design, Oil & Gas, Project Management, Maintenance Services, Personnel Supply and Procurements Services.


Building Your Network

For cable placement, plus cable splicing and testing, one contact puts you on your way to complete fiber optic network services. We are fiber optic experts,  known for our reasonably priced and high quality service.

Since 2008, we have provided services nationwide to a variety of clients. We have earned a reputation as a reasonably priced, high-quality service provider. Client references are gladly provided upon request. Our services extend nationwide.


We operate under these core value principles:

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Team Work
  • Passion

Quaity Objectives

  • All personnel and equipment deployed to client’s projects are of high technical competency and integrity.
  • All deliverable and services are checked and verified before issue so that any errors and deficiencies are detected at an early stage and timely remedial action taken.
  • Proper kick-off meetings and analysis of project specifications and quality requirements done at the beginning of the project.
  • Comprehensive lessons learnt done at the end of each project to discuss any mistake made on the project and to prevent reoccurrence in the future project.


HSE Objectives

  • To ensure all personnel and agents comply with all relevant and applicable legislation, regulations, Codes of practice, by laws and instructions relating to health, safety and environment.
  • No incidence, no accident, no injury and no lost time.



Partnership and Representatives


patnership with prec pearl for years.

  • Manufacturer of leading Fibre Splicing Machine(Fitel)
  • High Level TEchnical Support
  • Loss eduction of OFC


Partnership WITH Prec Pearl for over Four Years.

  • Manufacturer of all fibre Testing Equipment;
  • Optical Time Domain Reflectometer
  • Light Source
  • Power Meters
  • Visual Fault Locator
  • Loss reduction of OFC





Oil & Gas

  • Consultancy Services
  • Engineering Services
  • Equipment/material Supply Services

Engineering Design Services

prec pearl has wide experiences in the following engineering disciplines:

  • PipingDesign
  • Structural Design
  • Process Design
  • Electrical Controls
  • HVAC Installation
  • Safety
  • QA/AC
  • Document Controller
  • Accountant
  • Admin
  • Drivers e.t.c

PREC PEARL has the capability of engineering design in the following areas;

  • Topside Plant Design
  1. offshore and onshore
  2. Tank Farms and Storages
  • Pipeline Design
  1. onshore and offshore
  • Facility Survey and Modifications
  1. Piping and pipelines
  2. Structural
  3. Electrical, Instrumentation and Controls.


Personnel  Supply

PREC PEARL is committed to the supply of experienced and qualified engineers to our client’s project in the following disciplines;

  • Piping Engineers
  • Process Engineers
  • Pipeline Engineers
  • Structural Engineers
  • Instrumentation and Electrical Engineers
  • Project Engineers and Project Control Engineers.
  • procurement Engineers
  • Maintenance Engineers



Telecom Services

Prec Pearl has a deep knowledge and understanding of service provision. Our highly trained engineers and project mangers have exceptional finesse in this area of expertise.

Our areas of specialization includes..

  • Site Build
  • Equipment Procurement and Installation
  • Optical Fiber Implementation and Maintenance.


Fiber Optic Services

We utilize state-of-the-art fusion machines to maintain:

  • Maximum efficiency
  • Lower splice loss
  • Provision of superior performance on your network

Our technicians are highly skilled in all aspects of fusion splicing, testing, in-service “hot cuts,” emergency restoration, etc…


Some of the procedures that are included in OUR cutover service process include:

  • Verification of the ONT serial number so it matches the number on the service order.
  • Measure the required, received optical levels at the end of the fiber drop where it connects to the ONT as specified by the local telephone company.
  • Installing the UPS and applying power to the ONT.
  • Measure and record RF levels for selected channels as specified by the local telephone company.
  • Install SWRD if applicable. (including recording the MAC address on the service order)
  • Install/repair any COAX cabling that is required, including replacement of existing splitters and connectors.(FTTX)
  • Install set top boxes for digital, or pay-per-view packages.( IPTV)
  • Verify the customer has Internet service and record Internet speeds.
  • Remove the copper drop from the existing telephone NID and place inside wire between the fiber ONT and the copper NID, if copper NID is to be used as a “dry” spot.
  • Install hub in premise, NIC card, and configure IP settings.
  • Verify that all bonding and grounding has been completed for both the fiber ONT and the copper NID according to the local telephone company’s standards.
  • Verify that all telephones and services including calling features that the subscriber has requested, is working and within the acceptable levels as specified by the local telephone company.
  • Demonstrate to the customer the operations and functions of the set top box, remote control, and Internet service.
  • Have subscriber sign the installation form.

Close out the service order with the local telephone company’s dispatch center



Procurement Services

we handle the technical and cost managemnt of your procurement requirements and assist you in the following areas;

  • Purchasing of Parts and Equipments including selection of vendors and OEMs
  1. Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics etc
  2. Office Equipment and Facilities
  3. Consumables and Non Consumables Material
  4. All other oil tools

processing orders and Monitoring

  • Inspecting and Receiving
  • Packaging, Transit Transport and on-site Delivery

Technical Supplies

  • Valves, pipes, control pipes, steel e.t.c

Non-Technical Supplies

  • offices equipment, electronics, etc.



Infrastructural Services

All Civil Works including;

  • Demolitions
  • Soil Test
  • Erections

Plumbing Works (Including Pump Sizing and Installations)

Borehole Drilling and Water Treatment

Office Movement



Electromechanical Services

  • PREC PEARL is highly experienced in the area of Electrical and Mechanical Services.

Our Services include:

  • Electrical Wiring
  1. Conduit Wiring
  2. Surface Wiring
  3. Maintenance of Electrical Equipment
  • Mechanical Services
  1. Installation of Air Conditioning both domestic and Industrial
  2. Services and Maintenance of both Domestic and industrial Air Conditioning
  3. Both Conduit and Surface Piping of Heating, Ventilations and Air Conditioning.



Computer Engineering

  • PREC PEARL provides Computer Engineering with advanced knowledge in both the hardware and software aspects of computers.
  • Systems Maintenance
  • Hardware Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • IT Gadget
  • Training


Networking Management

Prec Pearl has expert and capability to handle your networking

  • Wireless Networking
  • Network Monitoring
  • Network Operating System
  • Network Maintenance
  • Web Application Maintenance