November 8, 2018

HSE Policy Statement


Prec Pearl Limited, a design, installation and maintenance of telecommunication infrastructure (Fiber optics, Base Transceiver Station and Site built) is committed to maintaining and operating a safe and healthy work place for its employees, clients and other interested parties. Furthermore, we will ensure the environment is not adversely affected by our activities.

Thus, PPL adopts a systematic approach in all activities and is committed to the following principles.

Provide a safe place of work and a healthy environment, including good standard of occupational hygiene.

Compliance   with all local applicable, national& international regulations and legislations pertaining to the occupational health and safety of personnel and protection of the environment.

Promotion of health, safety and environmental measures as an essential part of management and employees’ duties, ensuring the implementation of such measures receive the highest priority.

Encourage employees’ involvement to improve health, safety and environmental standards and require them to act responsible to prevent injuries to themselves or others.

Develop the conviction that incident prevention is an essential part of good working practices.

Operate   effective active and reactive monitoring systems including HSE inspections/audits, investigation of incidents and close out of actions arising from these activities.

Conduct reviews, monitoring and maintenance of the organization integrated management system; with the objective of driving continuous improvement in the HSE standards and performance.


All PPL employees and its contractors will plan and perform their activities in conformance with this statement.