November 7, 2018

Quality Policy Statement

Prec Pearl Limited, a design, installation and maintenance of telecommunication infrastructure (Fiber optics, Base Transceiver Station and Site built) is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality engineering services and solutions aligned with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

Our aim is to meet our customers’ aspirations, expectations and needs by providing them with highest innovative and comprehensive solutions that have been developed through application of latest concepts, technology and industry quality standards in line with the company’s vision, scope and its core values.

The key principles of Prec Pearl Limited are:

  • Development and automation of strategic and operational processes to achieve highest operational efficiency levels while assuring required quality controls are in place and activated.
  • Meet the customers’ expectations by offering the latest engineering services and solutions that are standardized internationally.
  • Seek continuous customer feedback (voice of customers) as a key driver for continuous improvement of services and solution to enhance customer satisfaction and experience.
  • Enact effective and robust long term supplier/partner relationships to assure the delivery of highest quality services and solutions.
  • Increase awareness among employees and establish the concepts, value and mindset of quality by learning the latest applicable quality standards related to engineering services and solutions to ensure the achievement of the company goals.
  • Monitor, measure, evaluate and enhance the Quality System regularly under the top management’s ultimate responsibility, with regular reporting and communication of the status and effectiveness at all levels.

Engr. Olayinka Oyeniyi

Managing Director