September 28, 2017


Telecom Services

Prec Pearl has a deep knowledge and understanding of service provision. Our highly trained engineers and project mangers have exceptional finesse in this area of expertise.

Our areas of specialization includes..

  • Site Build
  • Equipment Procurement and Installation
  • Optical Fiber Implementation and Maintenance.


Fiber Optic Services

We utilize state-of-the-art fusion machines to maintain:

  • Maximum efficiency
  • Lower splice loss
  • Provision of superior performance on your network

Our technicians are highly skilled in all aspects of fusion splicing, testing, in-service , emergency restoration, etc…

We build and Maintain Telecommunication Infrastructures such as;

  • BTS Installations
  • Microwave installations
  • Optic Fibre (Cables, Accessories, Duct Route and Maintenance)
  • Supply of all Telecommunication Materials